AoEC proud sponsors of Terezia Koczka, “Clipper Round the World Race 13-14” Contestant



The Academy of Executive Coaching is proud to announce our sponsorship of Terezia Koczka (European Advanced Programme Graduate) as she embarks upon the ultimate challenge of participating in the “Clipper Round the World” race. Terezia having never sailed before has bravely committed herself to this formidable challenge. The Clipper Round the World Race is unique in the sailing world. It runs every two years and amazingly the people racing the boats are not professional sailors. Except for the skipper, they are all amateurs and about 40 per cent of them, like Terezia, have never sailed in their life before signing up for the race. We are all so excited at the prospect of supporting her voyage. The race will provide an excellent demonstration of leadership and teams in extreme circumstances. We will catch up with Terezia later to find out how her challenge informs her work in coaching teams.

By tereziakoczka

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