Stand by me

My epic journey of sailing around the world comes soon to its end: after racing more than 40.000 nautical miles there are only 4 days left until we arrive to St Katherine Docks in London.

Since my application has been accepted i wanted to use my story to create something bigger than just go, learn, enjoy and come back.

As I am convinced that a proper education can help a person create a sustainable flourishing life I’ve decided to raise money for supporting an unusual, creative teaching approach existing currently in 10 schools in Hungary. The results (outcomes) of this methodology are inevitable.

I am fully agree with Sir Ken Robinson: “ Kids prosper best with a broad curriculum that celebrates their various talents, not just a small range of them.” In these schools all of the teachers are trained to apply this broad curriculum.

To make this program sustainable it is inevitable to run a continuous CPD for teachers – it is a key of increase the number of schools involved in the program as well.

My goal is raising USD 400.000 for the CPD of the teachers. This amount of money is covering the program’s cost for 10 schools for 5 years.

I’m asking YOU to join me in raising $ 10 (or equivalent) to match one (or more) nautical mile of my 40,000 mile round the world voyage that I’m undertaking. All of your donation will go to the children in need.

Please click the “Make a Donation” button on my page to show your support.

In case you agree of my goal please forward my letter to your friends and encourage them to support me in my quest to put create a sustainable future for the children living on very rural area in Hungary. With your support, we can do it!

Thank you.

By tereziakoczka

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