About Tereza

 CLR13-14m_M6149 To travel around the world aboard on a ship has been my longtime dream. I haven’t thought of a sailing yacht, but hearing about Clipper I thought: that’s it J why not? I wanted to celebrate my 60th birthday, which actually was last November.

Sailing is a completely new learning for me – I am curious about how I will grow by the end of the race, what kind of person will come back from that great journey.


I am looking forward to meet different people from different course of life – I love great stories to talk and listen to, and there will be a lot I suppose…

I love Sir Robin’s idea to make the race possible everyone to explore, and I want to show my children, grandchildren, fellow citizens that nothing is impossible… if you really want to do it.

I want to experience the emotions of untying the liens and saying goodbye to my loved one: my three sons and three grandchildren, and the emotions arriving back almost a year later.

I’ve worked as a leadership coach since 1997. I like the image of a sailing boat to compare to our lifespan – to show the development in our everyday life, the importance of the goal-setting, the persistent, disciplined actions need to do time to time, the importance of the results.

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