13/05/14 – Already on the Atlantic


Yes, that’s us in the Panama Canal …

There were 6 ships at once sailing through the Canal, 3-3 bind together.

Whatever it has cost back then, this engineering miracle is beautiful in its simplicity. It took one whole day to get through the gates and the system of artificial lakes. On the shore the tropical forests were in blooming (we were looking for monkeys through our field glasses, and apparently we saw oneJ). The mix of scents was just as amazing as the picturesque landscape.

While the old city of Panama is beautiful, the newer parts of the city are too loud and crowded for my taste. But I was again successful in finding someone who was generous and helped me charge all my electronics – although the store did not have American adapters, but this person lent me all that I needed in exchange of some stories from the ocean. Sometimes I can’t believe my own eyes and ears.

I had a cinnabon – and I can proudly say that the one I’m making on the ship tastes the same.

We had one and a half days here – that’s what I’m trying to use to squeeze as much as possible into this limited time. We had some serious cleaning to do. We are leaving today afternoon, we are meeting the last 3 ships outside the canal and tomorrow while the sun is up we are beginning our journey to Jamaica with a La Manche start. For the start all the ships are lined up next to each other, the skipper counts back and when he gets to one the crew – that is waiting behind the back reel – runs to the front and starts yanking up the yanky and stailsail (the two jibs). It is forbidden to change sails in the first 10 minutes, but after that every team does what it sees fit.

In Jamaica we want to end up on the top. So you need to really root for us. We are very eager, we’ll see what it’s going to be enough for.

I am steering the wheel on the hyaline ocean in the doldrums (not sure why am I concentrating so hard):


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