How Can You Help?

There are two things we should give our children : One is roots and the other is wings.

In July next year i am going to start the biggest challenge in my life:-)

The Clipper Round the World is a unique thing in the sailing world. It runs every two years and it is unique because the people racing the boats are not professional sailors. Except for the skipper, they are all amateurs and about 40 per cent of them have never sailed in their life before signing up for the race (like myself).
Some people apply because they love sailing and want to cross an ocean, others because they fiercely want to win an ocean race. Some want to do the race to escape a humdrum life.

I wanted something remarkable to give myself for my 60th birthday – and as usual i met someone who provided with a link to Clipper.

Since my application has been accepted i wanted to use my story to create something bigger than just go, learn, enjoy and come back.

I’m raising money for the socially disadvantage children  by sailing around the world even though I don’t know how to sail yet!

I’m asking you to donate my dream of giving hope these children with supporting their education. I deeply trust that education is the key for living sustainable life and use your potential fully independently of your given faith.

I am convinced that an inspiration has its own value, but i painfully faced with the fact that the lack of financial resources can be as strong obstacle of out-brake as the lack of dreams. it is the reason of my decision to run a fundraising campaign for the children.

Before the race as a volunteer i work with the children – with tell my story i make a try of inspiring them to dream something big and go for it.

I’m asking YOU to join me in raising $ 10 (or equivalent) to match one (or more) nautical mile of my 40,000 mile round the world voyage that I’m undertaking. All of your donation will go to the children in need.

All the money you donate goes to the charity of “For Education of Socially Disadvantage Children”  and raising this money is entirely voluntary. I’m not obliged to do it but I’d like to use the opportunity I’ve been given to “do a little good” for these children and encourage them to set and follow their dreams without limiting themselves by disadvantages.

Raising fund in Hungary is regulated by law of CLXXV. – all of my action is under its regulation.

Please click the “Make a Donation” button on my page to show your support.

Please forward my letter to your friends and encourage them to support me in my quest to put create a sustainable future for the children living on very rural area in Hungary. With your support, we can do it!

Thanks in anticipation of your support.


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